Frequently Asked Questions


What are your templates and how do they differ from others?

Our templates are 'One-Owner' templates. Meaning that once you buy a template no one else will be able to purchase that one template. Which makes are templates really exclusive.


What is the process of buying a template and getting my website live.

When you buy a template you also paying for setup and copywriting service. After buying your template, you'll get a email that will invite you to choose a day where our team will exclusivly work setting up your website and copy or launch. After that, there really nothing else that you'll need to do.


Can I request customizations or additional features for a template?

Yes! You can request us to add different  features to your template.


Can I add a shop to my website?

Yes! You can add a shop to your website.


Are your templates designed specifically for certain industries or can they be customized for any business type?

Our templates can be customizable for any types of businesses, not just one single industry.


After purchasing a template, how soon can I expect to have my website up and running?

You can expect to have your website running in less than 7 days.


Do your templates come with built-in SEO features to help improve search engine visibility?

Yes, during the setup day we also include basic SEO just to get you up and running.


What information will I need to provide for the copywriting service, and how involved will I be in the process?

We'll send you a questionnaire with questions about your business, services and etc.


How does the process for creating a custom website with your service work?

1) Discovery call
2) Setup ad research
3) Design the website
4) Website development
5) Copywriting and SEO
6) Review
7) Launch


What is your refund policy?

Our services and templates are not refundable.

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