What is a Hero Section, and why is it the most important part of your homepage?

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To keep it short, a hero section is the absolute first thing that someone sees when they land on your website. That's what it is… and that's why it's so important. If your hero section isn't structured and clear, then people won't continue scrolling through your website. The main thing this section should include is: What you do.

Lastly, the secret to making people stay on your website is to actually give them a reason to stay. That includes telling them the benefit of working with your company or mentioning your USP right on the spot.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • The header
  • The hero image
  • The headline
  • The subheading

The header

The header is simple. It includes three core elements.

  • Your logo
  • Important links
  • A CTA that stands out

There are many ways you can structure a header. But, as you can see, keeping it simple is the best way to go.

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The hero image

The hero image can be a solid color, a background image, or it can even be a video. It doesn't really matter what you choose for the hero image, but there are two rules.

  • It should be related to your business.
  • The headline that goes on top of the background image should be readable and the center of attention.

The headline

The number of businesses that mess this part up is... unbelievable. They overthink it and write fancy, inspirational, and cool stuff like "We're here to make the world a better place." Writing fancy stuff won't help you make more sales.

The headline is supposed to say exactly what you do in a few words or in a sentence. It's supposed to quickly sum up your business. That's it.

We'll use the solar industry for some examples:


This headline is straight to the point. It tells you what the company does, where they are located, and why you should work with them.


Let's solar dot dot dot. What does that even mean? This is what we mean when we say people try to make fancy and cool headlines.


This headline provokes emotion. Not only is it well written and thought out, but it's true. People not only want to save money when it comes to solar, but they also want backup in case of outages.

The subheading

The subheading is optional. It further expands on the headline and what you do. We love to make benefit-oriented subheadings. This highlights a pain point your company solves and the value it provides.


There are so many other things that can be added to a hero section, such as a contact form and a search bar. The best advice for having a high-performing hero section is to keep it simple. Only add the necessary things that will easily convey the message you want your customers to grasp about your brand.

Here are some of our favorite hero sections: 

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